Library Haul – Week of 1/11/17

Yeah, yeah. “Week of–” is supposed to start on Sunday. Whatevs. 

We’ve made a few library trips in the past, usually on Saturdays, but Emmy would never look through the books herself and didn’t want to sit for story time. She love to read together at home, but at the library there was too much tI look at.

After we moved we decided to check out the library branch closer to our new house. It’s smaller but we can always reserve books from other branches and have them sent to the one here. Emmy has really been getting more excited about going to the library this month, and picks out a few books along with telling me what she wants to look for. Right now we really like Elmo and Curious George, and I try to find her a book with colors or ABCs or something of that nature as well. Story time is on Wednesdays here and she has also been enjoying it and participating more. We’re still working on sitting down and listening to the story instead of trying to wander off but she’s getting better at it. There’s another little girl her age so she asks when we get there if she will be there for stories.

So anyway. Our week we have books will start on a Wednesday. Deal with it.

This week we picked out the following:

Curious George’s Are You Curious? by Margret and H. A. Rey.

San Francisco: A Book of Numbers (Hello, World) by Ashley Evanson

Nighty-Night by Leslie Patricelli

The Crayon’s Book of Colors by Drew Daywelt and Oliver Teefers

Elmo’s Book of Friends by Naomi Kleinberg

Are You Curious? is of course a favorite. For whatever reason, Em asked to read this one more than any other book this week. She liked to answer the questions with “no, no!” and giggling. Of course she yelled no to “do you ever feel loud?” My kid, loud? Never.

I thought San Francisco looked really cute, and it has numbers as well as cartoon drawings of popular things in San Fransico such as the cable cars. There are apparently others that have Paris, London, and New York. However, Em showed no interest in this one so we probably won’t look for the others for a few months.

Nighty-Night is also going on our list of favorites. I love Leslie Patricelli’s books. They’re very simple but adorable and quirky (I actually just learned today that the character is called Baby-Toddler, which made me laugh). We received another book entitled Tubby back when Emmy was born, which is about bath time, and she didn’t seem as interested in it, but this one is new and I wanted to look at it. It worked out, she literally asks for me to read it again three or four times every time I read it once.

The Crayon’s Book of Colors says it’s from the creators of another book with crayons, which I havent read yet. I personally laughed at several pages, but Em didn’t show any interest in this one either. Pity.

I was surprised Elmo’s Book of Friends wasn’t picked up more. She picked it out and asks for Elmo most days, but she usually decides to read Curious George instead after we go to get the library books out. It’s a bit wordy so I don’t like it as well as some of the others we’ve read. She did learn about “Hola” (and “Adios”) from the page with Rosita.

I’m excited to see what we find next week! This week we’re going to start looking at a letter of the week, so I want to look for something for “E” since we’ll start with her name first.


Toddler Activities: In and Out

Emmy likes to take the water bottles off the shelf and roll them around, so I thought we’d try to put a few things in one for fun. She put the pom poms in the bottle and then I poured in some glitter.

I showed her how shaking the bottle made the glitter move around. This amused her for all of about two seconds, then she got pissed that she couldn’t get the cap off to put more pom poms in.

(Are sensory bottles supposed to have a theme? I dunno what this is.)

She also likes Mason jars so we got some more pom poms and she practiced dropping them in the jar and dumping them back out. Much better! I only gave her one color at a time today so we could talk about the color without it being too confusing.

Surprisingly she kept them out of her mouth for the most part. I keep hoping we’ll be past that stage soon. We tried to focus on how the pom poms felt when she would put them near her face. She ended up dabbing them on her lips but didn’t try to swallow them.

The bottle wasn’t entirely pointless. She of course had to see if it would fit in the jar as well!