Library Haul – Week of 2-8-17

Elmo Loves You

Elmo’s Daddy

Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop by Anna Dewdney

I Am a Big Sister! by Caroline Jayne Church

Noah, Noah, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson

Another Monster at The End Of This Book by Jon Stone

Curious George in the Big City by Margret and H. A. Rey

Breathe by Scott Magoon

If I Had a Gryphon by Vikki Vansickle and Cale Atkinson

The Whale In My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Look and Find Elmo

Elmo Loves You was such a favorite this week, Emmy actually asked for it when we picked out a new book at the bookstore! It has a cute little rhyming poem, and she kissed the Elmo at the end every time we read it.

Elmo’s Daddy was another really cute book this week. Can you tell we reserved a lot of Elmo books a couple weeks ago? I thought it was interesting how Elmo was velvety on each page of this board book, although Em is pretty well past touching the pages as we read.

We also got Another Monster this week because the first book is such a big hit here. She giggles every time Grover says not to turn another page. She seems to prefer it over this one, but she still liked to turn the pages and repeat some of the lines.

We got another Curious George book, and we’re slowly working through the Llama Llama books as well. This one was shorter and more simple noises than a story like the others are, but it was still good. Look and Find Elmo had much busier pages than I expected so we will have to try it again later. Em is learning how to find a few pictures in those type of books, but this particular book is still a bit too far above her current skill level.

Since we’re expecting a new baby in the fall, I’ve started talking more about being a big sister. We got a book this week to try, and we’ll add more later on. I want to mention it enough to get her used to the idea a bit without overwhelming her or making her feel she’s losing too much attention.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is one of her absolute favorites, so I was excited to find a Bible story version to read. We’ve been reading Bible story board books and she recognizes a few of the names.

Breathe is a nice, calm book with very simple text. It has a whale in the ocean and one or two words per page. It is a great bedtime book. We got another whale book as well, and I fell in love with the adorable illustration and fun story of a little boy trying to get the whale out of his pool.

If I Had a Gryphon is awesome for introducing kids to the names of different fantasy creatures. We’ll probably read it again when Emmy is older and shows more interest. There were even a couple creatures included that I didn’t know!

Tons of good books this week! Troll and the Oliver was one of them. I was unsure at first how the author was going to word a children’s book where the child gets eaten, but then there is a twist and the two become great friends. Cute story plus fun pictures is a win in my book.


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