Book Review – Semi Serious

Semi Serious is a nonfiction book written about the author’s decision to quit her teaching job to become a truck driver. She writes about the things she saw while driving, such as animals she passed and weather conditions, and how they helped her grow in her faith.

While my summary sounds dreadfully boring, I actually really enjoyed the book. It wasn’t filled with monotonous details, but included small things that the author took a big lesson from. She talked about selling crosses that her daughter made, and giving away some, and how they reminded her to pray for the people she met around the country. She learned practical lessons as well as spiritual ones, and between each chapter she also shares poems that she wrote during her stops. The book was easy to read, and good for evenings when I wanted to sit down and rest but not have the cliffhangers of a fiction book. It is good for when you want to read a few pages and be able to stop and start whenever. I would recommend the book for someone who wants to read on occasion without being greatly emotionally invested in a book.
I received this book for free from the publisher (in ebook form) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions here are my own.


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