Toddler Activities: In and Out

Emmy likes to take the water bottles off the shelf and roll them around, so I thought we’d try to put a few things in one for fun. She put the pom poms in the bottle and then I poured in some glitter.

I showed her how shaking the bottle made the glitter move around. This amused her for all of about two seconds, then she got pissed that she couldn’t get the cap off to put more pom poms in.

(Are sensory bottles supposed to have a theme? I dunno what this is.)

She also likes Mason jars so we got some more pom poms and she practiced dropping them in the jar and dumping them back out. Much better! I only gave her one color at a time today so we could talk about the color without it being too confusing.

Surprisingly she kept them out of her mouth for the most part. I keep hoping we’ll be past that stage soon. We tried to focus on how the pom poms felt when she would put them near her face. She ended up dabbing them on her lips but didn’t try to swallow them.

The bottle wasn’t entirely pointless. She of course had to see if it would fit in the jar as well!


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