Book Review – Willie Out West


Willie the Walrus is very bored. As he watches TV, wishing he got to go out and do something fun, he sees a story about a mean old whale terrorizing a town. He imagines himself as the sheriff and saves the townspeople.

I loved the animals used in the story because they are not as common — an octopus, a whale, and a walrus. The octopus is even shown to turn colors when he is afraid. The idea is fun as well, I just see the story played out better as a cartoon than as a children’s book. A preschool age child would likely enjoy the story very much. As a parent, however, I found Willie rather obnoxious and disrespectful in the beginning of the story. The lesson taught at the end was not very noticeable to counteract that. While cute, the book is not very memorable and I would have to give it three stars.

I received this book as an eBook from the publisher (WestBow Press) for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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