I decided a couple weeks ago that we needed to make a zoo trip before school lets out, and I made the mistake of mentioning it ahead of time to my youngest brother who made sure I didn’t forget to pick a day. We finally had a nice day yesterday with no rain, so off we went.

We went to the Stingray Cove first (I had hoped to get there right at opening time but you knowing how planning with kids goes). Uncle Logan had a grand time and surprisingly enough so did Em.


In fact, she grinned as she watched the rays swim by and even stuck her hand in the water.
Actually, she stuck her hand in the water a lot. Not to touch the rays of course, just to splash in the water. While she let them swim by her hand once or twice, she mostly pulled away when they would get close.
She gets splashed in the face? No big deal, back to the water. Just don’t let those things touch her, apparently.


I swear this was his favorite part of the day. He kept saying how cool it was that he got to touch a shark and… Those other things.
Don’t worry though, he repeated himself enough times that by the end of the day he remembered their names 😉


Emmy seemed to take some interest in a few of the other animals as well, as long as they were moving. The hippos were swimming as we walked by, popping their heads in and out of the water. We told her, “look, the hippos are playing peekaboo!” and she tried to say peekaboo back.


She got crabby after a while, it being such a long day, so I wore her in the Lille so she could nap. She slept through the outdoor ape exhibits, while Logan talked to a zookeeper about the orangutans and learned their names, and then found all of the gorillas in their exhibit. He also got to see some of his other favorites, which he said were giraffes, zebras, and lions. She woke up as we went into the Monkey House, and quickly took an interest to the lemurs climbing around. We put shoes back on and I let her down so she could explore a bit.


“Ooh, ooh!” she said. We’ve been working on animal noises a bit, she knows chickens now and sometimes she’ll repeat others.


She loved the monkeys. She kept wanting to go back to one of the lemur exhibits especially. They were very playful and climbed all over.

The rest of the animals she didn’t show much interest in, they were bugs and reptiles and others that weren’t very active and she didn’t seem to notice them. Overall, it was an excellent day for everyone though. We didn’t make it to the Children’s Zoo because we didn’t arrive early enough to get in during the free time and we chose the stingrays instead, so next time I think we will go there first. They got two Tasmanian devils less than a week ago, so I’m excited to see them. I also mentioned we should try to catch a sea lion show in the future.


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