Happy Earth Day!


Since it was such a nice day, we decided to hit a couple of library book sales and then came home and played with some ice cubes. I have discovered that while Emmy usually hates cold food, she loves ice cubes. She took one from my glass the other day and ran off with it. Since this results in quite a bit of water running down her elbow, I took the bowl of ice outside this time.


As is typical, the first thing she did is put it in her mouth.


One in each hand. Always.

The good thing is, she seems to like water. She gets juice sometimes (judge away), but she still loves water most days.


Like most activities, this didn’t last long. Baby likes to explore more than sit. Thankfully she stayed on the sidewalk today since I didn’t bother with putting shoes on her. Or pants.

(Who needs pants anyway, amiright?)


We kept hearing the ice cream truck. “Ooh, ooh!” That’s her thing right now, everything is “ooh ooh!”

Soon, my minion. Very soon.


We also likes to climb steps now. We’ve figured out up pretty well, not quite there on getting back down.


After dropping the ice cubes a few too many times, it was time to toss them.

She did try to throw them. They mostly ended up at her feet.

We also found some flowers in the yard, and a tiny bird egg. You can guess where those tried to go too.


Since the ice tray was empty, I made a tray of colored ones for next time. Excited for more summer activities outside!


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