Saturday in StL!


Went to the Missouri Botanical Garden on Saturday! It was my first time going as well as Emmy’s.


The decorations still up from their Lantern Festival were interesting.

And two pictures in, here’s where the picture of my husband’s face would be if my phone hadn’t ate it. He asked if I was going to take pictures of every little thing. I just laughed.


But yeah, it looked a lot like this one.





I am rather random with my picture taking. Behold, leaves.


She actually rode in her stroller for quite a while. I was surprised. I would have carried her in the Boba wrap, but Michael’s afraid it’s too warm. And tells me I look ridiculous in it, loving thing he is. But hey, he’s totally on board with my getting a soft-structered carrier when it fits in the budget. He saw a Tula the other day and said “See, you need one of those. Buckles. Much easier.” Might even be able to convince him to try it out when we get one, he always takes over pushing the stroller.

Also nursed in public for the first time! Lucky you also gets to miss the selfie I took to send my mother as a joke.

Lots of boobage. I need a different nursing top for outings.


So you get this selfie! Em is entirely unamused with me. We went to the zoo for a bit as well, but it got pretty hot out so we headed home.


We’ll have to do the zoo trip later in the year after school starts and the weather is nicer. Less crowds then too. Perks of infants and homeschool! Haha

The history museum has some stuff up I want to check out before that closes, so that’s on the list, and I’m taking Art Appreciation this fall semester so an trip to the art museum is also in the works.


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