First Fluff!

So I bought this lot of pre-loved cloth diapers from a woman in town last week. We decided we are going to use cloth diapers for Baby because it’ll be cheaper than buying disposables every month. And I mean come on, little colorful baby bottoms are adorable.IMG_20150227_140150494

To be sure the dipes are as clean as possible for Baby, I stripped and bleached them according to the instructions on Fluff Love University. I did the stripping process in the tub, then transferred the diapers to the washer so I could do more at once.


I had about three loads of dipes, this was the first. I filled the tub halfway with hot water, then I put about 30 inserts and 30 diapers in the tub at a time (the last load was a bit smaller, about 40 pieces total). I added 3 tablespoons each of washing soda, Borax, and Calgon, then 1/2 cup of detergent (I use Tide Free and Gentle because Michael is sensitive to scented detergents and I don’t know if Baby will be as well).

The diapers actually didn’t seem too visibly dirty, the water didn’t change color much. The first load sat overnight (8 hours) because I put them in when I came home from work. The second load sat about 6 hours since I had to go get groceries, and the last sat for about 4 hours (the minimum amount of time necessary) because I needed to use the tub. I couldn’t tell that it made a lot of difference to these dipes specifically whether they sat for 4 hours or 8.


I squeezed some of the excess water from the diapers before I took them to the washer because I don’t feel like carrying soaking wet things across my laminate floors, not to mention I’m 32 weeks along now and a small basket of soaked fluff is heavier than you would think. So sue me.

I ran the diapers through a wash cycle to rinse them out before bleaching. Warm wash, warm rinse, heavy duty spin and agitation, medium size load, “normal” length of time. Then I took the diapers out and put them in a basket so I wasn’t pouring bleach directly on them. I turned my washer to the “soak” cycle to fill the washer halfway with cold water, then added 1/2 cup of bleach. I let the washer agitate the water a bit to mix the bleach in before adding the diapers, then turned the agitator back on long enough to push the diapers down in the water. When everything was sitting evenly, I let the diapers soak for half an hour, then used a spin cycle to drain the washer. I ran a hot wash/cold rinse cycle without detergent, then a hot wash/cold rinse cycle with detergent (line 3 of Tide and 1/2 cup of Borax because we have hard water). I dried the diapers in the dryer on medium heat, and let them sit and cool before handling them just to be safe with the elastics.


Here’s my stash all nice and clean! So excited for Baby!


For now, I have everything stored in these canvas bins, but I may be organizing things differently soon depending on how much space I need for them.


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